About us

Live Simply - Connect with Nature - Rejuvenate your Soul - Seize Adventure

We promote river time where the slower you go, the quieter you are, the more you see. We love being streamside and sharing our passion for the outdoors with our customers.

Manuel and Christine Gibson live the outdoor life style, streamside and surrounded by woods with their two boys where they live simply ready to seize adventure at a moment’s notice.

Manuel has been a Fly-Fishing guide for more than 20 years. He loves teaching and demystifying the art of Fly-Fishing and simplifying the process of pursuing fish on a fly rod. He also takes pride in challenging himself to catch big fish on light tackle and is always excited and grateful to educate others in the art of pursuing large fish on light fly-tackle.

Christine has felt at home in the water since stepping into the ocean as a kid. She finds serenity being in the river and is happy to be on her paddle board no matter the season. Her unique approach of being herself makes it easy for her to connect with others and to help them understand what it means to Seize Adventure and to enjoy what nature has to offer.

We look forward to spending time with you.
Be well and Seize Adventure!


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