Tackle/ Clothing & Fishing Gear

BlackJawTackle.com is proud to use Orvis outdoor tackle and fishing gear when out on the hunt for fish. We specifically use their Helios rods when battling large fish on light tackle. For more than 160 years Orvis has been offering superior Fly-Fishing equipment and guiding its patrons to lead more fulfilling lives through a deep personal connection to the adventure and wonders of the natural world. Their impregnated bamboo rods are some of our favorite rods to fish with and are built to last a lifetime. Orvis prides themselves on great customer service and warranties. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding any Orvis gear or tackle.


BlackJawTackle.com is proud to use Patagonia outdoor clothing and gear when we are out on the water and in the elements. We have been field testing Patagonia gear for over 20 years and without a doubt we can say Patagonia makes some of the best outdoor clothing and gear in the industry. Their warranty, repair program and customer service is top notch. Please let us know if you have any questions on what gear would best suit your next Fly-Fishing or Whitewater Adventure.

Patagonia’s Mission Statement: Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.


BlackJawTackle.com is proud to be on the Pro Staff of Engel Coolers. Engel Coolers have been innovators in the cooler business for the past 50 years. We have been field testing Engel Coolers for years and are happy to say that these coolers have always held up to our abuse and kept all our food and drinks icy cold. We find their coolers to be versatile and certain models serve double use as seats on our rigs. Please let us know if you have any questions on which Engel cooler or drybox would best suit your next Outdoor Adventure.

Fly Rods

At BlackJawTackle.com we suggest the old-fashioned approach to fly-fishing by using a Bamboo Fly rod. The way a bamboo rod feels and handles becomes magical when landing a fish. We offer many options for custom fly rods varying from 6' to 13'. We also specialize in restoration of all types of fishing rods, antique or family heirlooms, back to their fishing status. Please contact us about rod restoration or a custom fly rod.

Tenkara Rods

If in fact you would rather fish without a reel then we suggest the simplistic method with only a rod, line and fly: Tenkara. TFO makes some of the best built Tenakara rods and the Black Jaw Pro Staff has been field testing their rods for years. In fact, we have caught and landed Salmon on them. Based on a traditional Japanese method of fishing using only a rod, line and fly, Tenkara fishing permits anglers to make precise casts and delicate presentations, and manipulate their fly with extreme ease. Telescoping down to 20 and 20.5 inches, the Temple Fork Soft Hackle rods are perfect for the backpacking angler. The rods come with a spare tip, second section and line holder built into the rod sock to help organize your line when not in use. Available in three lengths and actions to match any type of fishing. Please contact us about selecting the proper Tenkara rod for your next adventure.

Fly Reels

BlackJawTackle.com is proud to use Abel Fly Reels when out fishing for trophy fish. Abel reels are proudly made in the USA and are tank tough! The first time you use a Abel Reel you will recognize the fine craftsmanship and dependable drag that Abel Reels have always been know for when catching trophy fish. Fly reel prices can range from cheap to rather expensive and the options are limitless. We suggest matching the fly reel to the rod for proper balance and maximum efficiency. Once the proper reel is selected we would then assist in helping you choose the right fly line and rigging. We have access to many makes and models of fly reels, so as it's said, "Choose Wisely." Please enquire on which reel would best match with your Fly Rod or if you need a Reel and Rod package.

Abel's Mission Statement: Our mission at Abel is simple: Design the best, most dependable products in the world.

Landing Nets

The Black Jaw Pro Staff has been thoroughly field testing Brodin Landing Nets for the past 20 years. These nets are built with the angler in mind and will stand up to any Fishing Adventure. The nets float and are constructed of wood or carbon. Brodin Landing Nets have made many innovations over the years and continue to define what a landing net should be. In 2007 they came out with the first ghost nets and they quickly became industry standards, adopted by nearly every net maker, large or small, domestic or imported. They decided last year to create their own mold for a net bag that uses environmentally friendly material and could be produced in the USA. Let us know what type of fishing you plan to do so we can help you pick from the many options of Brodin Landing Nets.


Our Flies are so super hot we should change the sports name to "Catching with a Fly" instead of Fly-Fishing. Please let us know the what, where, and when so that we can suggest the proper patterns for your fishing destination.


Black Jaw's Pro Staff has been using Bending Branches/ AquaBound paddles for the past 20 years. Throughly tested and Black Jaw approved! If you want a reliable paddle that is not only functional but a work of art then Branches has a paddle for you. Branches LLC is the legal name of the parent company, Bending Branches. They acquired Aqua-Bound in 2008 and moved the company from British Columbia to their headquarters in Wisconsin. They build strong paddles and have one of the lowest breakage rates in the industry (0.03%), but they know the unthinkable can happen. When it does, they honor all reasonable requests for repair or replacement. Please let us know what type of watercraft you are piloting and we would be happy to suggest the proper paddle to keep you going down stream.

Traditional Archery

When we aren't out chasing fish or paddling down our favortie sections of water we love shooting bows. The bows we shoot are Striker Bows. The Striker Bows family knows their business like we know fishing. These top of the line traditional bows are built by master bowyer Rick Ellis and his family. Give Striker Bows a call to schedule a time to go by their shop and Dusty will be happy to rig you up so you can send some arrows down range. Striker has a huge selection of bows and once you shoot one you will find out why these are the best bows in the business. And remember, you don't choose the bow - the bow chooses you.