For those who are ready to simplify, there is a strong case for Tenkara's "less is more" -- more satisfying, more connected, more fun. It's good to remember that sometimes we have to work at simplicity -- Tenkara is "like" fly-fishing, but less complicated. The philosophy with Tenkara takes the fear out of getting into fly-fishing by reducing it down to simple and easy methods to understand. Tenkara is a Japanese minimalist fly-fishing technique that dates back hundreds of years, which uses only a rod, line and fly. Tenkara takes the minimalistic concept one step further by using just the traditional dry reverse hackle fly instead of constantly picking a different fly from the diverse allotment carried by most traditional fly fishers, with the notion that they can make that one fly work for multiple situations without troubling themselves with changing out the fly. The line used in Tenkara, which is attached to the tip of a rod averaging around 12 feet, is usually the length of the rod, or not much longer. The lack of a reel, absence of excess amounts of line and one-fly-fits-all concept makes Tenkara less intimidating than fly-fishing. Tenkara is effective in a variety of waters, such as small streams, creeks, alpine lakes, or urban ponds for a variety of fish. Tenkara is the ideal setup for anyone looking for an intuitive and fun way to fly-fish, something to take along on a backpacking fishing trip or teaching kids the art of fly-fishing, without the complexities.

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